CGT Classics get some new tone from Porter Pickups-

A lot has been going on at the Casper Guitar shop over the last several months. I have been working with a few Regional Artist to develop a few new mod’s to my existing arsenal of classic style and tone monsters.

I have a custom T-Series that has been built for my local Metal Shredder John Rainey. My classic T-Style axe with a Custom Modified Schaller / Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo.  On this guitar, John wanted the frets lowered to .040 and the Vol knob raised 1/2″ closer to the bridge. I also took a bit off of the neck joint to allow a smoother transition from the neck to the body during those blistering lead runs in the upper register-

I also had the opportunity to become involved with Porter Pickups. I had a need for a custom wound special request order and was fortunate enough to come in contact with Brian at Porter Pickups. ( After a few phone-calls, I was setup as a builder and was placing my first order from Brian for a set of matched F-Spaced custom pups. Within a week, I had my pickups. The pickups came in a very nice package with all the hardware you would expect for the installation. The pickups are very solid and are well made. And they are manufactured right here in the Good o’l USA.

Now if I could just get the guitar ready for the installation. After several modifications to the guitar design that I intended the pickups to be installed in, I finally had it ready.

After speaking with Brian on the first day, I knew what to expect from his pickups, and I wasn’t surprised. The output isn’t so much that there needs to be any great gain adjustments to your amp but still has the guts and growl to push the front end. The “Classic F-Spaced” matched up great with the Original Floyd Rose Tremolo and the tone was as the name suggested, Classic PAF like tone with absolutely no noise. Great Blues Rock tone at any volume. The “Smooth” pickup in the neck position, really rounded out the tone of this guitar with the rich bottom end and clear definition.

I am also starting to work out the details for a new project for another regional artist for a P-Style Bass. We are currently working out the custom tone wood options and the Neck. Going along with my scooped arrow design peg head, I’m trying to keep the geometry correct. Another prototype or two and I think I’ll have it nailed-

Thanks for reading. Next month, I’ll be giving away some CGT swag and offering a special custom order deal.

Stay Tuned-

~ by CGT - 0-Impact Guitars on April 4, 2011.

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