New Noise Santa Barbara – Sustainability in Music Conference

Last week, I attended the Sustainability in Music Conference in Santa Barbara Ca. I was invited by Matt at the SB Independent to participate in the opening panl discussion covering how we in the music industry are driving the sustainable material uses and practices that help in the reduction of waste and fuel usage at concert events, in the performances and the way in which we approach venues and locations for events and shows.

I met several of the local and regional organizations that, along with myself, are advocating the uses of sustainable materials in the construction of their instruments, eco-friendly methods of advertising thru digital media instead of pamphlets and fliers, discounted admission to the event by showing a reusable beverage container like a Stainless Steel Travel Cup to be used at the many water stations located around the event.

The most interesting person I met was Craig Lyons (see his work at He is an artist that performs as an avitar. That’s right, he performs at virtual venues, as an avatar. Not only that, you can attend as an avatar. He also sells virtual T-Shirts, Hats and Buttons that you can decorate your avatar with. I really enjoyed my conversation with Craig, just a great person with a cool idea.

The trend that Craig  has started is a growing one. More and more artist, painters, photographers, graphic designers and musicians are using the internet and other digital media outlets for their distribution, adds and even live performances. The conference and some of the performances in the evenings of the event were streamed live to an online audience.

Along with these efforts, the conference really put on an educational event for the community and for an even more vast online audience. One of the questions I was asked was how I see the trend in sustainable material use going and how can they get involved? My response was that they were becoming involved simply by being at the conference. What I see is that many of us feel that we should do something, but aren’t really sure what or how. That’s why thru my blogs, website and private / public appearances, am advocating the education of the mass population as to the options available to them.

One of my goals is to offer custom one of a kind sustainable guitars to the public at an affordable price. The technology is there for us to use and it isn’t that expensive to implement. The other thing I do is to not charge my customer for the benefit of the sustainable nature of my guitars. This is novel in the world today.

Anyway, there was an incredible interest in my guitars and the potential for them in the sustainability market. Great tone, fantastic detail and quality for an unbelievable price. Thanks to all involved at the conference for making my part as simple as possible.

~ by CGT - 0-Impact Guitars on November 15, 2010.

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