Casper Guitar Technologies at FernStock 8

OK – We made it thru the festival relatively unscathed. What a great time we had at the 8th Annual FernStock Music festival. We were joined with about 10,000 hard core Rock n Roll fans from all over the world. (One couple came from as far away as Germany for the festival)

There were about 12 Bands from all over the South Dade county area and a few national acts from back in the day. Once again, Casper Guitar Technologies co-sponsored the event and I built a special guitar to be raffled off at the event. All of the proceeds went to the Le-Do Children’s fund of Homestead and we sold plenty of raffle tickets, close to $1,000 was raised just from the raffle.

Check out the video of me testing out the guitar in a live situation in the following link –

I had a blast and this was completely un-planed. They just got me up on the stage to talk a bit about the guitar before we drew the winning raffle ticket. Tony comes over and grabs my arm and says, ” Let’s get you hooked up over here.” The next thing you know, we’re rockin.

Thanks to Tony from Deck-52 for his tambourine work and the un-named harp player. They really turned a what was destined to be a lame single player demo, into a fantastic impromptu blues jam. Short but sweet.

Thanks again to the FernStock Staff for inviting me to the 8th annual event. I’ve already planned out the guitar for next year. There was so much interest in another demo axe I had at the event, I’m going to build a brand new FS9 LE for the event next year. The next guitar will be one of my S-Series guitars with a special finish for the event. I may get the artist that did the logo for the shirts this year to do some graphics for the project. I keep having to one up myself at each of these events. Raise the bar so to speak due to the fact that many of the concert patrons are there specifically to enter the raffle for my guitar. The word is out now that the local Nationally Known Luthier builds a custom axe to be given away at the event. Glad to know it helps draw a crowd. Thanks again to Cid Edwards and her FS Staff.

~ by CGT - 0-Impact Guitars on November 15, 2010.

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