KTS-America Titanium Saddles

Several weeks ago, a rep (Stan) from KTS-America contacted me to review a set of their Titanium Saddles on one of my custom guitars. I was eager to comply. I am always looking for ways to improve tone and to be in a position to offer to my custom clients, a wide range of options for their projects. I also love to experiment with new materials and combination’s, new looks, new sounds.

So I responded to the e-mail with my desire to try out a set of their product on one of my current projects. A custom T-Series (a Tele™ style guitar) with a Wilkinson Traditional Style Bridge with compensated saddles. Stan asked me to take a photo of the bridge I was planning to use and send it to him so they could be certain I received the correct pieces for my project.

Little did I know the treat I was in store for. After a few days, a package arrived from KTS-America, containing a set of their PR-08WD Compensated Saddles.

Boy are these saddles well made. Nice machining and they matched the new Wilkinson Bridge perfectly. So once installed, I performed the setup. This went just like any setup so no surprise there. But I did notice during the intonation process that I could almost set the intonation without looking at the strobe. Something was different with these saddles. They somehow allowed me to really hear the string. The guitar resonance somehow seemed a bit enhanced and brighter.

Once the guitar was setup, I selected my 72 Deluxe Reverb and a few simple effects, (MXR DynaComp & BOSS CE2 Chorus). At the first chord I could tell there was an improvement in tone, response and sustain. Now add the effects and the notes raced out of my amp. The best way I can describe this action is that the sound really popped out of the amplifier and seemed to just swirl around the room. No Doubt this is the enhanced frequency response causing this phenomenon.

So to summarize: The KTS Titanium Saddles were

  • Easy to install
  • Well Manufactured
  • Matched My Existing Hardware – This is a big Plus-
  • Enhanced Sustain
  • Enhanced Resonance
  • Enhanced Feel and Playability

The KTS systems are designed to enhance the natural tones of the instrument and as far as I can see, they do what they were designed to do. I was impressed with the product and will offer these as an upgrade on the guitars I build. KTS-America offers a wide selection of saddles, truss rods and Tremolo Blocks. Once again, Casper Guitar Technologies Merging Art, Tone and Technology-

~ by CGT - 0-Impact Guitars on August 19, 2010.

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