Merry Christmas To All From Zero Impact Guitars

Well, the shopping is done (except for my wife and I always run out on Christmas Eve to get her gift. Why break tradition) The kiddies are all ready for Santa, all the cookies and milk are ready for the display by the fireplace, or the mantle in the entertainment room or wherever you hang your stocking. Everything is set, ready for the malay that will ensue bright and early tomorrow morning. Then we relax a bit, install some batteries, eat some more cookies, play with those new toys and read the assembly instructions, look for the tools, where are my darn pliers.

Then we relax a bit and enjoy our families and friends. But…

We at Zero Impact Guitars, will go from our homes right after the early morning gift unwrapping ceremonies to the Miami Children’s Hospital to assist in the handing out of Christmas Gifts to the children who are spending Christmas morning in the hospital away from their homes. Some even without families.

It really warms the heart to see the faces of these children when they receive a gift from a complete stranger. The pure gratitude and surprise is clear on their faces. The magic of Christmas is in the children both young and us old ones. This year, we donated nearly $500 worth of toys to the various community organizations that distribute gifts to under privileged kids and sick children through out our community.

I know it is close to Christmas, but if you are able to get one more gift, drop it off at a salvation army, Goodwill or other community organization that distributes gifts to children and you will help a child realize the magic of Christmas.

We will also be holding our Winter Sweepstakes drawing for the Zero Impact Guitars Crew Gear tonight at 11:45 PM. We will announce the winner on our website, and our e-mail newsletter on Christmas Day. This year we are giving away a Zero Impact Guitars T-Shirt, a 3 Pack of Guitar Strings and a set of our new Gripex Guitar Picks emblazoned with our logo.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us here at Zero Impact Guitars

~ by CGT - 0-Impact Guitars on December 24, 2009.

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