Zero Impact Guitars’ eco-Axe Featured in Business Week Article

We at Zero Impact Guitars, have been working toward educating the musician public about the importance of protecting the limited resources that we use in the construction of our instruments. Now, there are many sources for these materials abroad and a builder may or may not decide upon the conservative approach. Some builders have “carved” out a specific niche by using exotic materials in their construction and designs. I have seen some really beautiful pieces made from some of the most sought after materials around.

But you know what? It’s actually easy to build a market on those pieces due to their exclusivity and rarity. But how about trying to build a business using lumber that is “rationed” so to speak. Now the material has to be well planed and used. All FSC lumber suppliers have a limited amount of material available for sale.

We have taken a lot of care and planning to establish our business as eco-friendly. Finally, we have recieved some reconignition for our efforts. Business Week featured the Eco-Axe in one of their Green Business articles last week. This was a real victory for us here at Zero Impact Guitars to be mentioned in the same article as Martin Guitars, Gibson Guitars and some of the other heavy hitters in the guitar business. This has really boosted the moralle and energized our staff to continue to push Zero Impact Guitars to the front of the Custom Guitar line.

The Eco-Axe is our Flagship Guitar and the guitar that is most requested. Now, we will build any style of a guitar the customer desires using FSC Certified lumber. All of our guitars are built using eco-friendly construction techniques, solar power, hand assembly, limited use of power tools and the ones we do use are charged using our solar system.

So, once again, thanks to those that have found interest in our products and in the way in which we produce them. Small steps that all add up to help preserve our Our Flagshiptone wood supplies from those that would abuse them. AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE-

~ by CGT - 0-Impact Guitars on December 9, 2009.

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